Internal Audit Charter (PAI)

1. General.

Internal Audit Charter is formed based on the Standar Pelaksanaan Fungsi Audit Intern Bank (SPFAIB) Bank Indonesia, Chapter III, Article 5 Verse 5.1.  also Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Audigin, The Institute of Internal Auditors, Attribute Standard-1000.

The purpose of Internal Audit Chapter are made is to confirm the aim of Internal Audit Division (DAI), the scope of duty, authority and Internal Audit Division responsibility of PT Bank Yudha Bakti. 


2. Vision and Mission.

2.1. Vision

Becoming an Internal Audit Which Has Good Quality Standards

2.2. Mission

Providing Qualified and Value-Added Independent Internal Audit Services In Order to Achieve Bank's Vision and Mission.


3. Position.

In organization of PT Bank Yudha Bakti, Internal Audit Division (DAI) is staff who help President Director to held internal inspection in PT. Bank Yudha Bakti environment.

Head of DAI is appointed and dismissedby the Board of Directors with the approval of the Board of Commissioners and reported to Bank Indonesia.


4. Function and Scope of Duties

DAI function is to provide assurance and consulting services independently and objectively in order to provide added value and bank’s operational improvements. DAI helps the bank to achieve its goal through the use of a systematic method for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

DAI will maintain, improve and create added value for stakeholders through aligning of internal supervision with bank activity, with main target is to ensure that:   

  1. Risk has been identified and organized well.
  2. Financial important information, managerial, and operasional have been accurately and reliably conducted.
  3. All bank activities have been standardized according to policies, procedure, and laws or current regulation.
  4. Programs, plans, and purposes can be achieved effectifely and efficiently.
  5. Quality and continuous correction always be maintained by considering the aspects of internal control system.


4.1. Assurance Services

Assurance Service is an objective examination of an evidence in aim to provide an independent assessment with “reasonable assurance” on the implementation of risk management, control, governance processes within the bank’s operation.

4.2. Consulting Services

Provided consulting services (advice) activity is to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. Provided consulting services is not bound, without ignoring the principle of independence, to place follow-up responsibility and consultation (advice)remain with the auditee.

4.3 Fraud Detection Services

DAI will proactively assist management in the implementation of anticipation and detection of bank’s operational activities as suspected of containing fraud element.

5. Responsibility

The Head and staff of DAI have resbonsibility to:

5.1. Develop a flexible annual audit plan with appropriate risk based approach, including the risks and internal control system that has been identified by management, as well as submit the audit plan to the director for approval.

5.2. Carry out an approved annual audit plan including specific tasks requested by management and the board of Commissioners/ Audit Committee.

5.3. Helps to conduct an investigation into the bank’s operations suspected in containing fraud elements and submitt its report to the management and board of Commissioners / Audit Committee.

5.4. Deliver the audit report and monitor on an ongoing basis on key findings that need to be followed up as well as submit its report to the management and board of Commissioners / Audit Committee.

5.5. Prepare Principles reports of internal audit findings per-semester and submit to bank Indonesia after receiving approval from the Board of Director and Independent Commissioner.

5.6  Develop audit staff by enhancing the knowledge, skills and experience to meet the expected qualification.

5.7. Deliver a review report by external parties including opinions about dai’s work every 3 years.

5.8 Deliver the progress of achieving progress of the annual audit plan and its results as well as the adequacy of the resources or dai’s capacity periodically.

5.9 Prepare measures of Internal Audit performance.


6. Authority

The Head and staff of DAI authorize to:

  1. Unlimited access to all functions, records, core banking data, personnel and assets
  2. A full and free access to the audit Committee
  3. Allocating resources, set a schedule, choose a topic, determine the scope of tasks and assign the required techniques to meet audit’s objectives.
  4. Service as a resource person in control aspects particularly in regarding the necessary security standards.

The Head and Staff of DAI do not involved to:

  1. Perform operational tasks in an organizational unit
  2. Process or approve accounting transactions of the organizational unit outside the dai.
  3. Directs employees activities of the organizational unit that is not done conducted by dai, unless the employee is on assignment in the audit team, or are helping internal auditors.


7. Independece

Dai conducted its task independently, or in other words, DAI is able to express its views and concerns and be able to put the function without influenced or pressure from management, or the various interests of other parties associated with the bank, so that the resulting activity has optimum benefits for established and secured interests banks and the public which is the part of DAI’s mission.

Thus, DAIai has freedom to define the methods, means, techniques and approaches for the results of audits conducted in order to achieve complete and objective audit, and free from the influence of conflict interest because it is made based on a careful analysis and impartially.


8. Profesionalism.

To make DAI can function properly and optimally, it need professional and responsible of human resources, in other word, they have knowledge of their respective sectors, have the mental attitude and ethics, able to carry out professional skills, able to maintain and improve the quality of professional and ably interact and communicate.


9. Relationship and Coordination

1) Relationship with the Audit Comittee

To support the independence and ensure the smoothness of the audit and  the  authority in monitoring the follow-up audit’s result, head of dai can communicate directly with the audit Committee to inform a wide range of matters relating to the audit.

2) Relationship with External Auditors 

To support the smoothmness of the audit, the head of DAI with approval from board of director can coordinate with the external auditor and the audit team of Bank Indonesia.


10. Closing

The Board of Commissioners or Audit Committee authorize to ask the change of Internal Audit Charter if it is needed to accommodate the things that were not there before or to decrease the contents of its charter, or do another change as an effort of task adjustment and DAI’s responsibility with the situation development.

Internal Audit Charter is changed by cancelling the previous charter and publishing new charter signed by the Head of Internal Audit Division, President Director and Independent Commissioners.

This Internal Audit Charter was made and signed in Jakarta by the Head of Internal Audit Division, President Director and Independen Commissioners dated on December 13, 2013 that Internal Audit Charter is applicable and used as DAI work guidelines, whereas its previous was cancelled on Desember 19, 2007.

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