Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Social Responsibility (hereinafter abbreviated CSR) for the Bank Yudha Bhakti is a concept that the Bank had some form of responsibility to all stakeholders, which include consumer / customers, employees, shareholders, and the environment in all aspects of Bank operations which includes economic, social and environmental. Generally, CSR is responsibilty’s company for community beyond its economic responsibility.

Other than that, the company has commitment to carry out Good Corporate Governance (GCG) through CSR implementation as a company concern in social and environmental scope and sustainable participation.

In the implementation of CSR, the Company continuously strives to implement several things including sustainability, whereby the Company will strive to consistently design CSR programs that have a sustainable impact, in addition the Company also strives that the designed CSR program is a long-term program, whereby it should be realized that a business can grow because of the support of the social atmosphere of the surrounding environment, so the CSR program is a program that is done as a form of maintenance of good relations with the community. Therefore, the CSR program of the Company is expected to have a positive impact on the community, both economically, environmentally and socially.

In running the business the company is not always put business interests alone. Bank Yudha Bhakti very aware that there are other responsibilities that must be implemented as a business entity which is also a part of the community. Responsibility is to improve the quality of people and the environment. To that end, each year the Bank Yudha Bhakti always organizes various CSR programs on a regular basis as a form of concern for the quality of people’s lives.

Bank Yudha Bhakti CSR program is intended to support the establishment of a harmonious and balanced relationship between the company and the community, in accordance with the values, norms and culture. As a company that interact with the public, the company gives more value to the community as stakeholders. To that end, companies incorporate CSR program as part of the company’s business processes.

The provisions about CSR are arranged by Directors’ Decree No. SKEP/154A/SET/BYB/IX/2016 dated on September 22, 2016 about performance guidelines of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT Bank Yudha Bakti, Tbk. Refer to Directors’ decision is expected that CSR program can be carried out well and as a realization of company commitment of continuous CSR program.

CSR programs which are held by company are the activities which are carried out with routine or intidential, such as:

  •       Visits and regular allowances to orphaned homes;
  •       Visits and regular allowances to the nursing home;
  •       Mass treatment for disadvantaged communities, particularly in the vicinity of the Company's office network;
  •       Mass circumcision for children from disadvantaged families, especially in the vicinity of the Company's office network;
  •       Renovation house, especially for retired house of TNI, POLRI and / or PNS selected;
  •       The distribution of basic foods for retired TNI, POLRI and / or selected civil servants;
  •       Implementation of blood donor by the management and employees of the Company;
  •       Implementation of financial literacy education to the consumers and public;
  •       Provision of health services in several branches and sub-branches for the retired of TNI, POLRI or PNS;
  •       Provision of health services for employees of the Company who located in the Headquarters;
  •       Organizing training and education for all employees both inhouse training and by involving outside teachers;
  •       Submission of donations of animal Qur'ban to mosques around the environment of the Company;
  • Submission of donations for natural disaster victim;

The realization of CSR program until December 2016 with a total value of Rp. 660.261.955,- (six hundred sixty million two hundred and sixty one thousand nine hundred fifty five rupiah), with carrying out activitivies for instance the distribution of animal Qurban to some mosques and cooperatives of TNI/POLRI to welcome Idul Adha 1437 H, annual social service to the 10 orphanages in Jakarta area and its surrounding, implementation of renovation house for 5 retired of TNI/POLRI or PNS who were chosen based on some criteria, distribution of Lebaran packages to the clients and retired of TNI/POLRI or PNS which were channeled through company’s office network, implementation of education and training for employee, implementation of financial literacy education for member of POLRI, and implementation the health services for employee and retired of TNI/POLRI or PNS who were registered in the Headquarters and another company’s office network.

The programs and activities of CSR which are held by company are a realization and commitment of company in sustainable principle, as well as how the company can be solution giver in a public environment. Besides, the company can also give the contribution to the improvement of living standard and society welfare generally and the retired especially, also to increase the society understanding of financial literacy. So that, it is expected for stkeholders can feel the benefits of CSR program and implementation as success indicator CSR program itself. Therefore, the company will always keep its commitment in the coming year while still improving and being prioritized to the stakeholders’ interests more broadly through another CSR program.


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