SAVINGS are deposits in the form of rupiahs that the withdrawal may only be made under certain conditions agreed upon, but can not be withdrawn by Checks, Bilyet Giro, and or other equivalent equipment.

Yudha Bhakti Bank Deposit is only for individual customer but not possible for Corporate / Business Entity Customer and managed in Rupiah currency.


  • 17 Years UP or Married
  • Fill Out the Application Form
  • Submit a Copy of Identity (KTP/KITAS/PASPOR)
  • Submit a Copy of NPWP (For the Owner)
  • Initial Deposit Rp. 50.000,- (Fifty Thousand Rupiah)



  • Safe and Reliable Money Saving Means
  • Deposits and Withdrawals Can Be Conducted Throughout Bank Yudha Bhakti Branch
  • Can Know the Balance At Any Time
  • Supporting Business Activities in Conducting Payment Transactions and Receipts
  • Facilitate the Need for Family / Private / Business Transactions
  • Providing Convenience in Transaction
  • Get competitive interest
  • Can Be Used As Credit Guarantee
  • Guaranteed by Government (LPS)

PT Bank Yudha Bhakti Tbk

Gedung GOZCO

Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu Kav 32 Pancoran Jakarta Selatan 12780

Telp. (021) 2975-2975, 2975-2999

Fax. (021) 2975-2918


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