18 June 2020

Bank Yudha Partners with Huawei and Sunline to Build Digital Banking

PT Bank Yudha Bhakti Tbk (BYB) is getting serious about continuing the transformation of its digital services. No half-hearted, this bank took two large technology companies from China namely Huawei and Sunline to support the transformation.
Huawei and Sunline have signed a contract for the development of Bank Yudha Bhakti's digital banking system, an integrated financial technology solution for customers. Huawei is the largest supplier of telecommunications equipment and communication networks in China and the world, while Sunline is a leading provider of financial technology solutions and has served more than 700 financial institutions in the world.

Bank Yudha Bhakti decided to partner with the two big companies in developing its banking system after taking into account various aspects such as competitiveness in the industry, technological advances, case experience, and localization. Both have advantages in each of these aspects.
The collaboration between Huawei and Sunline will provide an integrated solution for BYB. The combination of digital banking products from Sunline with Huawei products such as FusionCube and OceanStor all-flash storage will create a comprehensive infrastructure and financial system integration. With this system, Bank Yudha Bhakti is expected to grow more rapidly in the future.

BYB is committed to growing further by accelerating the transformation of digital services. This commitment cannot be separated from the support of one of its shareholders namely PT Akulaku Silvrr Indonesia (Akulaku), a leading financial technology company in Southeast Asia with more than 7 million active users.
With digital services, business process efficiency is increasing and customers will be increasingly facilitated in transactions, especially in the face of new normal conditions today.

Digital transformation is one of the important agendas for Bank Yudha Bhakti. Banking services such as deposits, loans and transactions will be complemented by those in the Akulaku ecosystem. In a sense, it will implement closed-loop financial services.
The integrated solutions developed by Huawei and Sunline consist of high-performance hardware systems and leading application solutions in the field of bank IT systems, which feature high scalability, strong data consistency, automated O&M, and risk control.
With the combined sophistication of technology owned by Huawei and Sunline, the digital banking system that will be owned by Bank Yudha Bhakti has no doubt about its reliability. The company's customers will soon be spoiled with conveniences through digital services.

Source: https://finansial.bisnis.com/read/20200616/90/1253612/tak-tanggung-tanggung-bank-yudha-gandeng-huawei-dan-sunline-bangun-digital-banking

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